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domingo, 29 de diciembre de 2013

Norway: the current situation.

Norway: the current situation.

Maps of Norway.

Capital: Oslo. Area: 385,156 km². Population (2011): 4.9 million. Population density (2011): 12.7 inhabitants/km². Human Development Index (IDH 2011, 0 minimum 1 maximum): 0.94. GDP / h (2011): $ 95,000 (second in the world after Luxembourg).

Oil rig in the Norwegian coast.

The economic situation is excellent for high industrial competitiveness and large revenues from oil and natural gas. The welfare state operates, with high wages and low unemployment of 3%.
But it's hard to integrate immigrants (Polish, Romanian and Spanish lately), which usually lack of adequate job training and language skills (Norwegian and English). In this regard highlights a wave of Spanish migrants who have come to Norway in search of work, attracted by the picture presented as attractive in Spanish television program (Españoles en el mundo), but due to low skills and little knowledge of languages​​, are with unemployment, poor working conditions, the animosity of the people. Even with government support, because they are not political refugees but economic.
Jens Stoltenberg chairs the Government (2000-2001 and 2005-present), the Social Democratic Party, in coalition with centrist parties.
The country was shocked by the attack of Anders Breivik ultraconservative, who killed 92 people in Oslo (7 deaths) and the nearby island of Utoya (another 85 victims) on July 21, 2011, to protest against the socialist government and the opening the country to foreigners.

Agencias. Un atentado doble golpea Noruega. “El País” (22-VII-2011). A double attack hit Norway.
Gómez, Juan. La policía eleva a 92 los muertos por el doble atentado en Noruega. “El País” (23-VII-2011). Police raised to 92 the dead by the double attack in Norway.
Ricciardelli, Álvaro A. Terror en el país del bien. “El País” (23-VII-2011). Terror in the country of Well.
Pérez Lanzac, Carmen. Atrapados en el norte. “El País” Domingo (12-II-2012) 2-5. Caught in the north.
Gómez, Juan. La fiscalía de Noruega acusa al ultra Breivik de terrorismo. “El País” (8-III-2012) 8. The prosecution accuses of terrorism to Norway ultra Breivik. 
Gómez, Juan. El asesino de Noruega alega defensa propia. “El País” (17-IV-2012) 4. The murderer of Norway allege selfdefense. 
Gómez, Juan. ‘Vais a morir hoy, marxistas’. “El País” (21-IV-2012) 6. 'You are going to die today, Marxists'.
Galarraga, Naiara. Una comisión noruega dictamina que el doble ataque de 2011 se pudo evitar. “El País” (14-VIII-2012) 4. A Norwegian committee finds that the double attack of 2011 was avoidable. 
Galarraga, Naiara. La generación Utoya llega a las urnas. “El País” (21-VII-2013) 8. The conservators party is favourite for the general elections.
Ferrer, Thiago. La ultraderecha xenófoba toca el poder en Noruega. “El País” (12-IX-2013) 8. The Progress Party (FrP) negociate its entry in the Governement after the elections won by the conservators of Erna Solberg.

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